The Owners

Clean Cut Barbershop has two owners, DJ Bishop and Greg Deline!  DJ is not only an amazingly talented barber, but she is also one of the most honest and fair individuals you may ever know. Greg Deline is a selfless entrepreneur, who has always strived to leave this world a better place than how he found it. Together they are an unstoppable team, striving to help others, and build a shop where everyone will always feel welcome. How did these two come together and build this amazing business? Greg has been a longtime client of DJ’s, and during a haircut appointment Greg mentioned how he would enjoy receiving a shave weekly. DJ told him she had always been interested in becoming a barber, his response was “If you ever want to do something on your own kid, let me know. I can mentor you.” He soon became an investor, and lifetime owner of Clean Cut Barbershop. The business was based on recommendations from many clients over the years, they both wanted to offer a place that men could get traditional services like shaves and haircuts, and knew they weren’t reinventing the wheel by offering additional services like grey blending, eyebrow waxing, snacks, soda, and cold beer, but with both of their drive and experience they knew it would work. They are very appreciative of the team that helped get Clean Cut where it is, past and present, and understand that playing to your employees’ strengths and client comfort is key to their success. They honestly know that they have some of the very best people working with them, which is what has helped them grow in many different ways. 
​​Specializing in men's hair cuts, straight razor services and beard services. 
Check out our services page for more details. Kids are always welcome!

What We Do